Tell Me About Delivery

What does it cost?

8 Meals - 12 Meals:  $14.99
12 Meals - 16 Meals:  $9.99
17 Meals - 21 Meals: - Free

We would love to offer free delivery - unfortunately we simply don't have the margins to do so.  We are offering the highest quality food possible, and believe in the old saying "10% more price, but 100% better product."

If you're only wanting the 12 meal program - but want to save money on delivery and meals - it is a popular option to order the 21 meal program on a 2 week frequency, and store half of the meals in the freezer until you're ready to eat them.  

When do I get my meals?

Where you live will depend on the day your meals arrive.  We ship them from our KS kitchen where the meals are prepared every Monday.  The meals are in transit for 2/4 days depending on the area.  We will package your meals in a cooler box that is designed to hold the meals for their travel, plus an extra day.  So no need to rush home from work - they should be fine. That also helps us combat any "warm meal" complaints if a package were to be held by FedEx for any reason. 

If you are looking for a specific date for delivery - please let us know, we will see if it is possible to get that setup for you. :)